Bushfire Mitigation


As has been demonstrated in recent years, bushfires have a devastating impact on peoples’ safety, property and the environment. The primary objective of Bushfire Mitigation is to alleviate as far as reasonably practicable the potential risk to public safety and property, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

As a long-term provider of these Bushfire Mitigation services, we thoroughly understand your duty of care to undertake pre-bushfire season planning and mitigation.

We also understand the need for providing additional appropriate resources to undertake these works. This means maintaining routine maintenance commitments whilst also providing additional Bushfire Mitigation service resources.

ETS crews worked long hours to clear access paths for Western Power that allowed them to replace destroyed power lines


The bushfire risk period is seasonal across Australia.  At any time of year, ETS will have sufficient resources distributed all across Australia that can be re-allocated to your Bushfire Mitigation program.

With the increased reliance on LiDAR and other remote sensing technologies, our mobile solution also contributes to the timely allocation and reporting of any Bushfire Mitigation program.  

Therefore you can be assured ETS will help to complete your annual Bushfire Mitigation program on time.

The Bureau of Meteorology Bushfire Season Hazard Map